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Your Hotel Rural Ribadesella

Hotel Rural Ribadesella

Ribadesella hotel overlooking the sea

Magnificent rural hotel in Ribadesella (municipality tourist rating of excellence) located in a rural environment , consisting of fields and woodlands with an exceptional view of the mouth of the River Sella and the coast of the Picos de Europa. Next to the Romanesque chapel of Our Lady of Junco and the urban village of Ribadesella, in Asturias.

Our rural hotel is conceived as a privileged viewpoint . From it, you can see Asturian coastal mountains and fluvial estuary, the medieval village and the port of Ribadesella ( former whaling port , today sportive) and Santa Marina beach , large sand among striking Indian villas , summer haven of Madrid’s aristocracy from over a century.

The Mirador Del Sella has children’s play areas and extensive gardens facing exceptional panoramic views , creating a safe environment where children can enjoy nature in its purest form.

In addition, our rural accommodation incorporates all the advances of comfort and communications , favoring the combination of Active Tourism Activities in Asturias with peace and quiet needed for a holiday period . And just 3 km from Ribadesella.

Ideal for a family vacation or a getaway with charm.

Pets are welcome .

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Our environment

Villa de Ribadesella


Our country hotel is just 3 km from the village of Ribadesella (Municipality of Tourism Excellence since 1997). Capital of a municipality surrounded by mountains, beaches and cliffs , which lets you enjoy great views of the Cantabrian Mountains from the beach. Without going any further , in the town many of the attractions of the council are condensed.

Besides enjoying the heritage and local culture, it is easy to approach Santa Marina Beach , the cliffs , different viewpoints and protected natural environments without departing too much from the limits of its urban core. Going around Ribadesella becomes a very dense and entertaining walk , with dozens of locations of interest

Santa Marina Beach

Hotel Rural Ribadesella overlooking the beach

Santa Marina Beach

There are few beaches in the Bay of Biscay to draw such a spectacular view and are surrounded by such a contrasting landscape , and you can see from the garden of our rural hotel.

Taking an aerial view, or spotting Ribadesella beach from the popular promenade Guide on Mount Corberu , we found that the Sierra de Escapa , mount the Mofrechu or the Sierra del Sueve and Picos de Europa, together provide a curtain extraordinary background. High peaks that descend slowly to the same level and granting sublime perspective.

We also note how the Sella River , which flows into the beach , creates one of the most beautiful stuaries of Principado de Asturias . The estuary outlines a curve and gently mixed with the sea. This is a delta that further adds to its nautical beach , fishing and recreational dimension.

Tito Bustillo Caves


Tito Bustillo Cave , located in Ribadesella (Asturias ) and only 1.5 km from our rural hotel , is one of the great shrines of Paleolithic art in Europe. Cultural must-see on your holiday in Asturias . It is part of a network of interconnected and belonging to the same limestone formation in which other inhabited caves are opened temporarily by prehistoric man caves.

The potential of the Palaeolithic in Ribadesella equals at least, the three most important centers of the world. The complex of La Garma and El Castillo in Cantabria and Les Eyzies in France.

The call Gallery of Horses , which recorded on rock compositions abound, gathers various figures of the animal along with those of some great bóvido glacial times ( aurochs or bison ) and a reindeer . For the technical and stylistic similarity that offer all these representations, can be considered as the contemporary .

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Cuevas Cuevona


The Cuevona or Cuevona Caves is located near the de caves place (Asturian Cueves) Parish Junco (Asturian Xuncu) in the Asturian council deRibadesella.

 It is crossed by a road that runs parallel to the stream running through the cave Cuevas this being the only point of the town of Cuevas.

 The cave has flora typical of great importance formed by algae and fungi, lichens and mosses and ferns in the outermost parts of the cave to both inputs.

 Note the existence of a blind salamander, which lives inside the cave, other occasional animals are a species of frog and bats. The latter due to human presence is no longer nest in the cave as they did long ago.

 Has countless limestone formations: stalactites, stalagmites, columns, cast up the internal landscape of the cave. Highlight different formations have been named as “the devil’s tongue”, “the beards of Santiago ‘or’ stalactites flag.”